Lukaku gives Belgium 1-0 win over Japan in friendly


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So, Japan has lost another friendly... this time to BELGIUM. They are going no where in WC. Time to start blaming the coach, I guess.

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You sound surprised. Belgium were at home, and currently ranked fifth in the world.

Have a little more respect for those Phlegms!

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Belgian fielded a second string side, so the result does not mean much

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Belgium have a squad with top class players. You could argue that the two most talented players in the multi-billion Premier League are Belgians.

If they can find a system to get the best out of those top players and others, they could be genuine contenders to win the World Cup.

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Belgian fielded a second string side, so the result does not mean much

Didn't watch the game but read that Meunier, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Vermaelen, Mertens, Verthongen all played so that looks like a pretty strong '2nd string side' to me! Looks like Hazard and Alderweireld were the only 2 big names missing?

Agree with jimizo, Belgium will have a very competitive starting XI. Still think Germany, Spain and France are ahead though (Belgium, England, Brazil and a couple of others not too far behind perhaps).

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