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Madrid rallies past Man City to reach Champions League final


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As the end of regulation approached


Mad finish. Real Madrid have had some superb games in this completion but nothing as good as this.

One advantage they’ll have for the final is the ability to focus on this final as the league is sorted in Spain.

I’d still back Liverpool though.

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And so the unravelling of the Citizens begins! The wait for a maiden CL trophy goes on. Meanwhile Liverpool are going for number SEVEN in a few weeks.

Well done Real, hats off to the genius Carlo Ancelotti! Brilliant manager. With their squad and history in Europe, Real will be formidable, but the Reds are rightful favourites. Go Liverpool!

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Payback for Ramos taking Salah out

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Well played RM. Signore Carlo Ancelotti is a man with the Midas touch. As gaffer, the former flamboyant Italian midfield maestro has inculcated a spirit of perseverance in his footballers at Real Madrid. His goalkeeper doubles up as libero. His main striker is an astute provider of assists. The other nine players are all midfield generals carrying out defensive duties, orchestrating counter-attacks, and crowding the final third with their hungry presence. Karim Benzema and his colleagues have scored memorable wins against Manchester City, Chelsea, and PSG in the ongoing UCL 2021-2022.

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night was a stunning collapse of unimaginable proportions by Man. City. Leading by two goals at the 90th minute and end up being overwhelmed like that. Unpardonable. Pep Guardiola is a good coach but not a great tactician. If you can't defend a two goal lead at the 90th minute then there's something seriously wrong. Pep is weak in reading the game in building a defense. All his teams games for their sweet flowing football are weak defensively. My fear is that theyay lose the EPL championship to Liverpool at the tail end. Back to last night's game, what Pep should have done was to switch to 5 back, crowd the midfield with 4 midfielders and leave a lone man upfront after conceding the first goal and as Real swarmed forward. But nights like this is why we love football. RM has been fantastic from the PSG game through Chelsea and then this. I am still putting my money on Liverpool to win this. Watch out for Casemiro, he would try to Sergio Ramos Mo Salah. Casemiro was lucky to have escaped being red carded last night. He was very rough in his tackles.

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Incredible header in stoppage time.

People forget Real's other two dramatic wins.

The American-owned Liverpool team has more games until they go head to head, and that could work either way.

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