Make training more scientific, says Bulgarian sumo wrestler


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Couldn't agree more! Sumo is still dominated by too many old men who believe it's a "shugyo" that must be endured , rather than a professional sport. This oyaji generation believes the two are mutually exclusive and can never mix ... most of them are utterly convinced that imparting any "western" sporting professionalism would erode the traditional values of sumo. They lament the fact that yound Japanese are turned off by the training methods but don't ask why.

I sincerely hope Kotooshu can start his own stable and find success with a good mix of traditional and professional methods. If he can successfully train a Japanese rikishi using these methods, things might slowly start to change.

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No matter how much training is involved, as long as the top guys continue to side-step their opponent for an easy victory the training doesn't really matter. Get extremely discouraged when seeing the so-called yokozuna win fight after fight without actually fighting. Even sumo experts are looking down on the ability of the yokozuna. Wish the yokozuna would show us how strong they are by taking on the lower-ranked guys on the belt instead of merely grabbing them by the back of the head and pushing them down to the dohyo. Yes it's part of sumo ... but come on ... why should the yokozuna be allowed to get away with such lousy non-yokozuna tactics. I call these yokozuna "cowards."

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edojin: I've been following sumo for years and I can't recall a single instance of a Yokozuna side-stepping at the tachiai for a hatakikomi (or similar kimarite) win. Can you cite even one bout where a Yokozuna has actually done so? I'd be interested to know. I find it hard to fathom as it's against the unwritten "code of honour" for a Yokozuna.

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