Man Utd battered by Brentford as Man City, Arsenal maintain perfect start


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LOL @ Man U. They'll sack that new gaffer Ten Hag soon, but they really should be sacking most of the squad including sad old Ronaldo. Just stands around on field with his hands in his pockets these days, what a sad end to a career

The Citizens are ominous and look a real challenge for the mighty Reds this season!

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Manchester United suffered an embarrassing 4-0 thrashing by Brentford to sink to the bottom of the Premier League on Saturday,

… pathetic(!)

… this poor dutch guy is the first United manager to lose his first 2 PL games since 1921.


… first time United conceded four gouls in the first half away from home in their PL history.

no wonder Ronaldo wanted to leave; apparently it’s wasn’t just about his CL records; if he stays with United, his career is done(!)

, so bad it’s almost unbelievable.

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no wonder Ronaldo wanted to leave; apparently it wasn’t just about his CL records;

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Great photo. It’s hard for a guy to look good in lime green when the team’s getting its ass whipped. A day that Brentford fans will remember for a long time, good on ‘em.

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Manchester Un-united 0-4. What a disgrace for that team. Talk of the town.

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What is going on at Man U? All over the place.

Needed cheering up after the Everton match - concerning, very concerning.

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Needed cheering up after the Everton match - concerning, very concerning.

Your new boy looked good when he came on though. In the end they could have snatched a point

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Big win for modest Bees against mighty Man Utd. Brentford gaffer Thomas Frank is a man with the Midas touch. All the best to footballers and fans of both sides in the challenges ahead.

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United have now lost seven consecutive league games away from home for the first time since 1936.

When was the last loss to Brentford? 40 years ago?

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