Man City completes sweep of English trophies with FA Cup win


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Must have been a boring game to watch. Very one sided with Elton John singing Candles in the Wind. Money spent speaks a ton.

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Hats off to City. Look, I am no fan of vast amounts of money buying titles, but the truth is that this has always been the reality of the game through the years.

I am deeply disappointed that my team, Liverpool, missed a Premier League title by a hair despite having a spectacular season. That is a testament to how good City is.

All things go in cycles. A few short years ago, Man U was dominant. Now?? Facing some trying times.

Can't wait until next season! But, before then... have my fingers crossed for Liverpool in the Champions League final on 1 June!!!

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A truly inspired performance by Pep's lovely boys. Guardiola's mentor, the great Johan Cruyff, would have loved this, so similar to the amazing football they achieved together at Barcelona. Hearing Love Will Tear Us Apart ring out as they paraded the trophy around Wembley was quite moving. 30 minutes after the match had finished Pep was on the pitch animatedly coaching Sterling, who stood there holding his medal. The game was over, the season was over but he was still giving advice. Remarkable.

A unique domestic treble, consecutive leagues titles with 198 points won. The only thing that's missing is the Champions League. Maybe next year!

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More than $1 billion has been spent on transfer fees alone since 2008 when Sheikh Mansour bought a team that was more accustomed to playing in lower leagues than lifting trophies.

Unnecessarily nasty dig. Do ppl really think that united, arsenal, liverpool, real, juve, barca, bayern etc won all their trophies by spending no money? Did puskas, di stefano, maradona, platini, ronaldo, romario, stam, elber, robben/ribery, figo, zidane, vidic, henry etc come for free? It's always been about money, old/new doesnt/shouldn't matter.

No need to be salty about it (ask your billionaire owner to spend more, and more wisely on players and coaches who actually give a *)

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That was too easy. Credit to City for destroying them but the gap between the top and a respectable, solid, mid-table side was a bit depressing.

Watford don’t have a player who’d get on the City bench.

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However, unlike City (and Chelsea), other successful clubs were able to spend those amounts because they won, i.e. the money came from their results. Can't say that about City. You can't possibly say they earned their success which was engineered from a limitless infusion of cash by its owner. It's evident in their fifth place standing for match attendance.

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well said !

Arsenal always bought well within their budget & always balanced the books.

Same can’t be said about City & Chelsea - which is why City are under investigation by UEFA

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