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Man City fumes as VAR decision fuels Man Utd win; Brighton rocks Liverpool


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Yawn. The top sport headline in JT was English soccer news… wasn’t Norwegian equestrian or Indonesian hockey news available? British soccer, once again, demonstrated its relatively pathetic place in international standards at the recent WC. Have their fans forgotten already?

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Going to be hard now for Man City to catch this extraordinary Arsenal team now. They just seem to lack the quality players in key positions and need an overhaul. Man U are more likely to challenge.

Liverpool almost no chance of Champions League football, sadly. Need a broom put through them.

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Saw the game. Rashford was on. Was in an offside position but didn't touch thr ball, nor block an opposing player.

Get over it Citeh!

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Edit!: Rashford was in an offside position.....

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Brighton was ruthless, Liverpool toothless. The worse game under Klopp.

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Good to see Rashford banging in the goals.

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