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Man City prolongs Liverpool drought by retaining EPL title


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Once Mahrez smashed in that 3rd goal that was bed for me. So disappointing but if we win in Madrid next month it will round off a fantastic season.

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We are a proud club and proud nation, the nation of Liverpool. Incredible season finishing on 97 points and only losing a single game still only gave us second place. We won the Golden Glove for least number of goals against and joint Golden Boot. We still have the European Championship to play for. A number of the players will be leaving and some new ones will be coming.

The final day was the most exciting in recent years especially when Brighton scorced their opening goal. Well done to Man City.

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I am very disappointed. Liverpool is my 2nd favorite team after Urawa Reds. But the Champions League is much bigger and more prestgious than Premier League, and LFC should win it next month. I hope Mohammed Salah gets a hat trick!!

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Some miserable Man U supporter around today?

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Some miserable Man U supporter around today?

Haha! :) Can't blame them really, I'd be hating the entire world today if I was one of them.

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City with 98 points beating Liverpool with 97 is an incredible standard. Both sides have been superb but for football’s sake, I’d like to see the gap between these two sides and the rest closed.

You have to give it to Aguero - still banging in goals when it matters.

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97 points would have won Liverpool 116 of the last 119 championships.

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Some miserable Man U supporter around today?

Maybe more angry than miserable. I heard Pogba in particular was the target of angry Man U fans yesterday. We used to have a few Man U fans commenting on here. They’ve been very quiet over the last few seasons.

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We used to have a few Man U fans commenting on here.

We don't seem to get any others here recently apart from Liverpool fans and the odd rogue, obviously misguided but eternally hopeful Toffee :)

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misguided but eternally hopeful Toffee :)

No need for that. Don’t call me ‘hopeful’.

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I was wondering who were under those rocks?

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Both sides have been superb but for football’s sake, I’d like to see the gap between these two sides and the rest closed.

Same here. No longer a big 6 imo; more like a massive 2 (city & x depending on the season), a big 4 and the rest just there to make up the numbers. I know it's pretty much always been like this (in the PL and other euro leagues) but it feels like there's now a gulf between teams (huddersfield, fulham & cardiff were really, really poor, way behind mid table teams like bournemouth or watford).

Glad city won it tbh, 198 pts over 2 seasons ffs!! Have to say i was gutted when spurs knocked them out (reckon city ARE the best/most complete team in europe).

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Thank goodness we rarely get any Man You fans on here. Eternally moaning about how hard life is for them.

Man Utd have spent north of 300 million since Mourinho. And failed. What a joke.

I don't see how City can claim to be the best team in Europe. They never got as far as meeting Ajax and they were knocked out by Spurs for goodness sake. And Liverpool knocked Barcelona out.

I was listening to a Citeh fan on BBC5 on the weekend trying to argue against the away goals rule that knocked them out of Big Bup - Citeh, the new Man You...

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I presume that Barca would have beaten Liverpool in the semi if they did not win the La Liga. Thus, even though Liverpool did not win the premier League, they need to keep themselves hungry for success and motivate themselves for a much more prestigious prize: the Champions League.

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I think I can speak for all Liverpool fans if I say we would sway another Champions League win for winning the premiership title. Barca would never have beaten Liverpool at Anfield.

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"Hey Bin Dippers. Better luck next year." (Ver. 29.0)

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Oh! look just when I thought Man U supporters were extinct, one shows up to throw insults after throwing so many games this season. The failed £300 million team. Ungracious even in defeat. Like trying to take off from the flight deck but ending up in the ocean.

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Hey Bin Dippers. Better luck next year."

Are you supporting City from the US these days?

I could imagine you switching to fight for the North Koreans if they looked strong.

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Some miserable Man U supporter around today?

No reason to be.Losing to Cardiff was embarrassing,but they're probably

happy as Larry because Pool didn't win the title.Still trail them in titles. I'll call

it "The Slip part 2." Had a seven point lead in January and proceeded to bottle


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What would you expect? We had a miserable season came nowhere close to win the league. But sing praises for Liverpool with their 97 point runner-up season? Ha. Leave it to be the only club to be top of the table at Christmas three out of the last ten seasons and not win the league. I'll take blue Mancunian ribbons on the trophy over the wrong red ones any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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Had a seven point lead in January and proceeded to bottle it

Getting 97 points isn’t bottling it. City won 18 out of their last 19 league games to pull it back. That is stunning.

97 points is more than any of the sides under Ferguson, Wenger or Mourinho reached.

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What would you expect? We had a miserable season came nowhere close to win the league.

Who is we? Who are you supporting these days? Chelsea?

I think you jumped on the Man U bandwagon years ago but I doubt you stayed on it. By the way, the bin-dipper thing is banter for the locals. It’s nothing to do with you.

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Keep counting the points Jimizo. The rest of us will count the championships. Hey look on the bright side, I'm sure next year's their year...

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Getting 97 points isn’t bottling it. 

Yeah I know.But those three aforementioned managers would not have let the title slip from that strong position.

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I’m sure next year’s their year

If it is, you can start supporting them.

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Are there any real Man U fans out there to have a bit of banter with?

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Keep counting the points Jimizo

And count these Plastic ★★★★★

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Hey shouldn't you be out celebrating second place instead of entertaining plastic fans online? Want me to link some cool "97" tatoo designs so you can cherish this momentous accomplishment in perpetuity?

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Hey shouldn't you be out celebrating second place instead of entertaining plastic fans online?

I’m still trying to work out who you are a plastic fan of these days. Surely you’re still not a Man U fan - that ship sailed long ago.

Are you still with the US military? No other armed forces turned your head?

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Football is also about more than just winning titles. There are 20 teams in the league and not just the few at the top. For those of us who enjoy watching football, we want to be entertained with skills and talent. Yes we want to win too.

Liverpool plays some of the most entertaining football and this season had more live games on the TV than any other. We still have the European championship ahead. If we win it will be our 6th time, more than any other English club.

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Come on Jimizo! Why be obsessed with me when a choke 29 years in the making is so much more interesting, not to mention entertaining.

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Zichi, you won't find me defending this United season as dismal as it was. But hey, that was United at our worst, where as Liverpool's best got you what? You're liverbird's sitting on a whole lot eggs in that one CL basket. And Van Dijk being named PFA Player of the Year? With his stats? Pfft. I heard Klopp's already working on improving his hugs in the off season, maybe that'll finally do the trick next year. Otherwise he heads off to Switzerland to start fresh right?

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I'm not going to exchange insults with you. On another recent post I stated that both Man U and Liverpool were the most successful English clubs. We had a great season and only lost to Man City by a single point and the only team to give them real competition. I like Kloop because he's a great manager and understands the passion of both the game and the city. I love his attitude and always accepts the blame when the game does not go according to plan.

You are a sort of Man U fan/supporter but how many times did you you actually go to a game? Armchair or maybe I should say, jet fighter chair sort of supporter. The fans who really support a club are the ones who go week after week, season after season.

My childhood home was near Anfield and I was born not too far away. Going to the game was part of the life. Living in Japan I'm unable to go to games.

Your insults are not needed but then you didn't get much this season so I can feel for you.

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Van Dijk player of the year. Alisson golden glove. Mane and Salah golden boot. Looking good to me.

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As a fan of Liverpool, you cannot forget Klopp's achievement: Klopp was named "Barclays Manager of the Month" for March. Klopp will surely win more prestigious awards if Liverpool win the 2019 Champions League.

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What would both teams give to swap places? Pool to win the title,Man City to be respected in Europe,cuz they really only had to beat ONE team in the PL.

For me,Man City winning the past years has been new money through oil money.They ain't at the level of 'Pool,Man U, or even Leeds.

Man City will have to be winning championships like nobody's business and the odd CL, to get their name amongst the big boys of English football.

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