Manchester City title celebrations on hold after losing to Chelsea


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Chelsea looked very good, the CL Final should be a real tough game.

This win should see Chelsea clinch a top 4 spot. The Hammers, Liverpool and Everton eyeing up Leicester's top 4 place, looks interesting as Leicester have Man U, Chelsea & Spurs in their last 3 games.

Spurs have blown it and Harry Kane's agent will be a busy man this summer.

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Got to give credit to Tuchel. He’s made Chelsea into a tough side after Lampard’s s##tshow. Got them into a CL final and look good for top 4.

Could be title contenders next season. If not, they’ll sack him. Chelsea tradition.

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Spurs have blown it and Harry Kane's agent will be a busy man this summer.

Spurs are in really big trouble both on and off the field. Zero creativity in a team which is sinking like a stone and around £500m in debt for the new stadium. Yikes.

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Watched Palace, one for a change but only against a dire Blades team. Don’t enjoy football as much as years ago, all changes have been for the worse. Just glad I can watch every match ion DAZN here

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Liverpool kept its hopes of a top-four finish alive by beating Southampton 2-0 and moving into sixth place.

We won but it wasn’t much of an exciting game to watch but this time of the season I’ll settle for the three points.

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That Aguero penalty miss didn't help. And Salah needs a right foot.His is pretty hopeless.Only my fellow left footed Maradona could afford to only have one foot.And Salah is not at that level.

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I'd love to know why thumbs down for the above.Either it should name names when people give or not allowed to give without an explanation.Oh I'm sorry,it was a great save by Mendy and Salah is at Maradona's level.My bad. Stupid right in reading that? And you know this.

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Thank you to all Chelsea's Japanese fans.

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