Man United beats rival Liverpool, PSG loses


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David de Gea is using hacks!

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Things are starting to look very grim for Brendan Rodgers. They were very poor against Basel and again yesterday. One of my Kopite mates back home said watching Liverpool yesterday was like watching Man U under Moyes last season. Not one of the Liverpool fans I know even entertained the idea they could win yesterday.

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The Stretford End singing, "You're getting sacked in the morning!" to Brendan Rogers was priceless. What are the odds that Liverpool will still be in double digit standings when we see them again in March?

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OMG!OMG!OMG! Another awesome win for MY Red Dealers! Brenda Rogers must be soooooooo upset! The result was so awesome for us ,another win, this tourny is awesome. I watched the game with my best buddy Phillippe in a sports bar downing Baby Cham and eating cute bar snacks. Soccerball may well be coming home again this event, back to Sawford, oh yippee! Bet those fake fans of Manchester Blues like the Gallagher pop stars of the Beatles fame are scared stiff of our awesome transformation under Van Gay.

Bring it on, bring it on, i' screamed out loud with my dear Phillippe.I'm so excited and i juts can't hide it.........

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