Manchester City squad most expensive in history: report


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This is becoming an absolute joke !

I've always loved the EPL for it's competitiveness, but now that is slowly disappearing.

If the EPL doesn't do something soon, it will become a one or two team league like Germany, Spain & France. The champions have already been decided by January - very predictable & very boring.

I have to agree with Arsene Wengers' comments below.

BTW, I think that the most exciting & unpredictable league in Europe at the moment is The Championship.

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Looking at the likes of Man City and PSG, the financial fair play idea wasn’t a roaring success.

City are buying £40 and £50 million quid players with a scattergun approach. A few are going to turn out well, and who really cares about those that don’t? Plenty more cash to throw around and send the not good enoughs out to the likes of Everton on loan or flog them on the cheap.

Guardiola is a good manager but he should be winning the title.

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All that money and none of it helps the England national squad either as most of the money is on non-English players.

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Liverpool is known for You'll Never Walk Alone and City used to have Blue Moon. The song that best represents them now: Arab Money - Busta Rhymes.

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1 billion dollars? Wow!

It's only worth if they win.

Don't do a Leeds United

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