Mane reaches century as Liverpool top Premier League, Arsenal ease Arteta pressure


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About time Liverpool saw something from Keita.

Mane has been a superb buy.

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sad loss for ya team.

Had a bad feeling when I saw the Everton line-up. Haven’t got the squad to deal with injuries.

Villa a decent side. Played well. Definitely a top half team.

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Liverpool Palace was a highly entertaining game, Palace played well yet conceded three goals from set plays. With a little more defensive focus they should be solidly mid-table by the end of the season. Salah and Mane seems to have their mojo back which should make it an exciting season.

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Well played Liverpool. Was pleased with Palace performance, much different than under Woy. Good attacking play, need to take chances and create more problems for other teams. Was worried at first Viera taking over but it’s heading in a better direction than I expected.

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Tip of the hat to the Saints. Top performance and for periods they dominated the game. Not many teams are going to come home from Man C with a draw on their ground. Special mention for Redmond who for once, seemed to earn his wages.

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Mane and Liverpool are heading to the right direction.

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Tip of the hat to the Saints

Yes. Didn’t just park the bus. They were prepared to throw a few men forward on the counter.

Very impressive.

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Liverpool footballers are doing fine. Goal scorers Sadio Mane, Mo Salah, and Naby Keita are keeping Liverpool supporters on their toes.

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Despite the scoreline 3-0 to Liverpool, they had a very nervy start. Palace almost scored in the first minute and Liverpool's defence looked disjointed. Palace really played well despite the quality gap.

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