Many foreign leaders likely to snub opening of Rio Olympics


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Leaders, especially from the developing world, shouldn't snub Brazil. At the same time though, Brazil is just making it a little difficult.

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Brazil is the wrong place, and Olympics the wrong event to be go and be spotted. Who wants to be photographed side by side with the likes of Maduro?

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Yikes. Whatever your thoughts on Secretary of State Kerry, talk about taking one for the team.

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Robbery, corruption, human rights abuse, rainforest depletion, murder, pollution. And Zika. Usually the top leaders fly first class, stay in top hotels with family, get the best seats, all paid by tax payers. Maybe sending them is a kind of karma?

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Send Mori and Abe there.

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I feel bad for the athletes who have aspired a long time to make it to the olympics. I hope when it starts, all these important issues can get set aside for a few weeks and the athletes are given the chance to do their best.

I think this article is crap anyway. I'm sure this is the least of worries for the world leaders. It's about the athletes, but hand it to the associated press and JT for going off topic.

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Why is this a "snub"?? Just they not going is all...... No offence intended.

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