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figure skating

Mao Asada focused on other triple jumps in Sochi


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Yuna Kim has what the other skaters don't, the mind upstairs resistant to pressure. Kim performs best when the pressure is on the thickest.

Asada has been shaky throughout the past months. She still can't even decide what to do or not what to do for her program in a few days. That stuff should have been decided on and nailed down a long time ago.

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Its not about predicting who will win but what odds you can get. The gold is likely to come out of the top four.

This is what the Aus, Victorian TAB is currently giving:-

Kim Yuna 1.7 Asada Mao 5.0 Kostner Carolina 10.0 Lipnitskaiai Julia 2.5

Kim Yuna is very good but after a year without competing, 1.7?

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Sorry, Yuna Kim for the gold again.

Not hating here, just being realistic.

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Mao chan Faitouuuuu! Win a medal or not.

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She has a great figure. She`ll most likely do well.

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Looking forward to your performances, Mao-chan. Ganbare!

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The two triple axels were a “burden,” Asada acknowledged Monday. They also made for what her coach called a boring program. Setting up for a triple axel twice made the flow of the performance redundant, so mixing in different jumps and combinations allows for more variety.

She realizes this now???! Just a few days before she retires?

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Ganbarre, Mao-san !

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