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Mao Asada hoping for good result in Paris


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Asada Mao? Meh. Let me know when Ando Miki shows up.

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I wish her luck. She really is a great skater.

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Good luck.

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She could fall 166 times in one routine, Miki-san could win by 500 points and Mao-chan will get all the press. What a joke.

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I like Miki better, but Mao is the better skater when she brings her "A" game. Oddly, Miki is now the more solid, consistent skater. Good luck Mao!

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Miki can be quite sexy, but Mao chan is (a) a great skater and (b) elegantly beautiful ;)

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I think a lot of people are now cringing at this name, after her last performance. Putting hope on her is a gamble with so many other good Japanese skaters out there. My guess is she crumbles again.

magpie: "Miki can be quite sexy, but Mao chan is (a) a great skater and (b) elegantly beautiful ;)"

No kidding! Did you see all those slip-ups and wipe outs last time? :) She CAN be a great skater; she has yet to prove she is consistently so, whereas others have.

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And Mao-chan will still get all the press...

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