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Marathon world record-holder Kelvin Kiptum dies in car crash in Kenya


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Sad news for the sport :(

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That's why I don't recommend riding a car...I never bought one...I always ride bicycle.

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My your soul Rest In Peace Kelvin Kiptum.

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Sad ending for his life and career.

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Firstly, RIP to Kelvin. Secondly, we have to ask ourselves why Kenyan distance athletes have been so dominant for so long. High-altitude training locations ideal for developing aerobic capacity and red blood cell production? A supportive community and coaching infrastructure? A simple diet high in complex carbohydrates? Genetics?

No, no, no and no.

It's all due to the widespread covert abuse of the hormone Erythropoietin - EPO.

In 2023, no fewer than 25 Kenyan runners were suspended by WADA for EPO. Many of these include big names and illegitimate record holders: Diana Kipyokei, Betty Wilson Lempus, Marius Kipserem, Philemon Kacheran, Justus Kimutai, Mark Kangogo, Lawrence Cherono, Keneth Kiprop Renju, Ibrahim Mukunga Wachira, Stella Barsosio, Purity Changwony, Kumari Taki... the list goes on.

These are just the ones who were caught. Athletes living and training in the remote Rift Valley region do so because they are far less likely to run into bumbling doping control officers from Montreal or Lausanne.

The EPO problem in Kenya is so bad that, not surprisingly, there are calls for Kenya to join Russia in being banned from international athletics.

Doping is an embarrassment and immoral, and is a menace which kills the credibility of Kenyan athletes and the country. I know a lot of Kenyan athletes read the forums here at Japan Today, so I encourage each and every one of you to run clean and leave an admirable legacy... even if your times inevitably suffer in the process.

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@ Jay - I agree that Kenyan athletes are more than a little suspect - and have been for a long time. Having them sit out a couple of Olympics might encourage them to clean things up.

RIP to Kelvin. He likely would have been first to break that 2hr barrier. There was no suspicion over him as far as I know.

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