Mark McGwire admits using steroids


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Take away his records. He is a cheat.

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No shocks here.

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Well duh!

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Yawn, roids are what got the fans back to the MLB after the strike. MLB could care less about juice. Crying, that is a very Japanese response to guilt.

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All these guys are lame. Many of the sports "heroes" of the 80's and 90's turned out to have been cheaters.

I'm glad I grew up before they came up on the scene, but I feel sorry for those kids who used to look up to these players as role models.

Ban McGwire (and the rest of their ilk) from baseball and coaching. There's got to be some kind of punishment for this aside from just taking their records off the books.

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"I truly believe so," McGwire said. "I believe I was given this gift. The only reason I took steroids was for health purposes."

I'm not sure what I find more offensive about McGwire - that he was a cheater when he played or that he's a liar in how he's portraying his use now.

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I thought he was cheating at the time, and now he has confirmed it himself. Just another friggin cheat trying to justify himself. Take away his medals and all the money he ever from cheating at one of the world's most loved games.

If I'm not mistaken, didn't he say he never used steriods when he was playing? Well, that makes him a liar and a cheat.

Isn't it just so amazing how he admits to all this stuff after his career ended ... after he made his millions and walked away from his playing career.

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Drugs cheats who made that much cash should also have to answer serious fraud charges and be imprisoned for misrepresenting their product and for using illegal means to get capital gains.

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Betting...I fully agree with you.

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to be a coach you have to have the respect of your players, who respects a lier and a cheater?

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The commish and baseball owners knew about this too.

"FBI knew of McGwire's steroid use"

Stejskal, who helped lead the first major federal investigation into illegal steroid distribution called Operation Equine, confirmed that McGwire and his then-Oakland A's teammate, Jose Canseco, were among those identified as steroid users during the probe. The investigation ran from 1989-1993 and led to more than 70 steroid-related convictions, though authorities targeted only suppliers and not users like pumped-up ballplayers.

Stejskal said federal authorities, through their undercover operation, learned of McGwire's steroid usage by 1993. A year later, Stejskal recalled that he shared information from the investigation related to baseball players with Major League Baseball's then security boss, Kevin Hallinan, though the sport had no drug testing program at the time.

It's hard to imagine Hallinan would not tell his bosses (commish and owners) about it.

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I really don't think this is a shock for anyone. The guy was huge,and doing things in baseball that were unheard of, all while on the "juice". All of these players are overpaid anyhow, and should be paid based on incentives and performance, vice expected performance. "Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio...?"

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I wonder what McGwire's Missus thinks of his "family jewels" now most likely having shrivelled to the size - and potency - of sultanas after years of drug abuse? The guy is and was a loser - with roids and without them. Same goes for A-Rod, Barry Bonds, et al.

“There’s no way a pill or an injection will give you hand-eye coordination or the ability or the great mind that I’ve had as a baseball player,” he said. "I was always hitting by myself."

Yeah, hitting up by yourself, you fake athlete.

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I agree, goddog: take away his records, and all others of those who `roided up. Whatever the ends were (fans coming back to Baseball), the means aren't justified here.

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