Marseille allege Neymar made racist remarks toward Japan's Sakai


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The end of that game was absolutely berzerk. Good luck trying to the LFP in trying to unravel this mess.

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Basically this article is about Neymar and Gonzalez hardly mentioning Sakai.

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for people not illustrated on the noble sport of football.

we do spread profanities to the rivals and referees constantly.

is part of the game. nothing personal.

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is part of the game. nothing personal.

Using racist or homophobe abuse is NEVER part of the game. If they have proof, then ban Neymar for a long time.

noble sport of football

More than ANY other sport, soccer is all about money these days, hardly "noble".

I stand with Sakai. Kick racism out!

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Thats it Fighto! Monies and Flag Wavery.

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