Matsuyama takes on mantle as Asia's new golf star


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Has the day FINALLY come when the media will stop shoving yes-he's-good-looking-but-really-what-has-he-won-lately Ishikawa down our throats?! I don't believe it but am keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

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"The major that many predicted would quickly arrive never came, though."

Predicted?? I'd say, "felt entitled to and demanded" is more apt. The media made a circus out of Ishikawa, and the result is that if you now mention his name to someone who was blathering about him a couple of years back that person will reply in one of two ways: 1) ask "Who?" and look confused. 2) Look down at the ground and not utter a word.

I pray the media doesn't destroy this young golfer in the same way, as I really see Matsuyama going places if he ignores them and makes his own way. He looks like he's doing very well, and I hope he keeps it up.

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Way to go Hideki. Nice kid and awesome golfer who has done so much for my daughters golf. You are a true star who will one day be up near the top of the world rankings. Goes about his business the way a golfer should............out of the limelight with his results doing the talking. Great family support who really keep him grounded....hats off to you on everything you've done so far as well as to your parents and your sisters for their never ending support on keeping you level headed. I predicted this would happen when he first turned pro back in April. He is gonna leave Ishikawa in his dust.

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unfortunatey the J public/media will once again put too much pressure on this kid to win. best thing he can do is move overseas premanantly and play the European/US tours. but dont think that will happen since hell make most of his money playing the J tour

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Epic effort at Merion only hope that he carries the improvement forward . From what l have seen he will win one of the big ones at some point .

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