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Matsuzaka doesn't make Indians' roster


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Stick a fork in him. He had plenty of talent and arm left when he came to the majors, but he got complacent and fat. I will say one thing about MLB, the moment one cannot produce (especially when one gets as round as he did) he is out the door in a hurry.

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Dice-K pitched surprisingly well during spring training with an ERA of 2.25. If he decides to stay with the Indians, I predict he'll start pitching in the bigs come May or June. It's a smart move for the Indians as they'll be saving money if he's on a minor league contract to start the season.

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How long has he been in the US and he still can't speak English??????????

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what a burn out.. total hype and makes lowers the value and raises skepticism of all future Japanese pitchers .. only Ichiro and Matsui have brought honor to Japanese ballplayers.. and Matsui should have quit after MVP season..

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what a burn out..

Acclerated no doubt by him being guilted into playing for Japan in the WBC and not allowing his arm to get the rest it needed. Hope Japan got the value from that wn, because the BoSox certainly did not get value for Dice-K. He cost them over $1 million per win in his career. Good to see Darvish learned this lesson and did not play in the recent WBC.

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These ball players have to speak english - how else can they communicate with their teammates? Especially a pitcher, he needs to talk to his catcher, when the coach comes out, etc

During interviews, they can speak whatever they want to.. Ichiro makes a point in speaking Japanese during interviews but you'll notice he rarely needs a translation from the english journalist, only his responses.

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He needs to pack his bags and join the Orix Buffaloes. This is where a lot of the MLB rejects go and NPB has-beens go.

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