Mayweather promises entertainment, not a knockout, in Japan


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I am disappointed at the rules. Why is there no kicking? Mayweather is a coward. I would love to watch Tenshin-chan launch big kicks to Mayweathers head!

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A fake fight can never be entertaining.

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He is a fool to trash his image this way. The Japanese guy can’t fight another Japanese because they have their unbeatable reputations to protect. The Japanese guy should really be fighting Kameda, but they can’t decide will will come off looking better, so a foreigner is needed.

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Mayweather would be instantly ko'ed under any condition anyway, and he knows it. Ganbare Nipponkoku!

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Nasukawa is very fast, and is really arrogant. He has rarely faced anyone who has real punching power or who can take a hit. On the other hand, Mayweather is getting old. Can he hit his opponent? It will be interesting.

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And Mayweather is not "really arrogant"? You had too much beer.

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MelodyToday  01:39 am JST


And Mayweather is not "really arrogant"? You had too much beer.

Not at all.... too much wine maybe.

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This is all about MONEY and promoting BRANDS!

Floyd is basically going to get paid to use his fame to do a commercial!!

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Floyd knocked Tension down 3x in first round then threw in towel he was way outclassed

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Mayweather should have had one hand tied behind his back.

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The introductions took longer than the fight.

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having now seen the fight - there appears nothing and no rues that could have protected that blonde guy (never heard of him btw). He was utterly outclassed and his balance was very poor. Even with kicking Mayweather would have closed in and dropped him with his power.

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