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Mayweather says he will hold exhibition with Japanese star with no judges and no kicking


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Mayweather is no longer a boxer, he's just trying to make use of his fame for money now.

Nothing wrong with that but eventually that will run out cause i don't feel he have enough charisma for advertising.

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Boring. Pass!

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Unmixed Partial Arts

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He's fighting a kickboxer that won't be allowed to kick. Mayweather's a bum.

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He's fighting a kickboxer that won't be allowed to kick. Mayweather's a bum.

Both fighters agree to go into the ring under a certain set of rules. If Nasukawa agrees to enter the ring for a fists-only fight, then how is Mayweather a bum?

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a dumb show.

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Conduct and Speech is just PR spin..does not mean that is the true personality of the person, no different to Hollywood stars being fake but their real life persona is a different story.

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Tenshin's manager is no good - I would have negotiated for him to at least use one leg :-)

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Even with kicks he's no match for mayweather

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If the kid can't use his legs -- I suspect he'll try, maybe even out of instinct -- and it's a straight up first fight, he's toast.

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I miss the old dynamite fights on New year's Eve. Pride wasn't bad either.

This will be something to talk about with otousan lol

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