Mayweather to stage exhibition against YouTuber Logan Paul

By Toshifumi KITAMURA

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WOWOW is free?

LOL. Bob, he doesnt realize he is paying for it.

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 I have WoWoW so I don't have to pay 

WOWOW is free?

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They know how to make money and I don't blame them a bit. I have WoWoW so I don't have to pay and I sure wouldn't for something like this mismatch. Logan Paul will be doing the ''Nate Robinson'' in this bout.

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*"I'm not a huge boxing aficionado, but Mayweather, if the contract allows it, will turn Paul into hamburger within 2 rounds. Ill watch the replay on YouTube". *Hey Bob I will watch it for free and I don't have to wait to see it on YouTube!!!

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I'm not a huge boxing aficionado, but Mayweather, if the contract allows it, will turn Paul into hamburger within 2 rounds.

Ill watch the replay on YouTube.

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EXHIBITION! There is a clue in the title!

They will both make a ton of cash...

None will be coming from me.

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It's an exhibition - how seriously are they gonna fight

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I hope Mayweather punch Logan to half dead.

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Are you not entertained?

I thought McGregor did a great job crossing over to boxing and gave Floyd a pretty good match.

Logan who? Mayweather is the greatest fighter of all time in his class and weights. Mayweather has won the WBC super featherweight, lightweight and super lightweight titles. He has won the IBF welterweight title and the WBO welterweight title. He's a champion prize fighter and pound for pound the best ever! Even at 43 he has more skill and vision in the ring in his pinky finger than Logan could ever aspire to have.

Logan calling out all these fighters cause he knocked out a basketball player? Seriously?

What makes has made Floyd greatest of all time. Floyd has this amazing mental projection and these abilities to read fighters and pick them apart little by little. Floyd and his defense too. Floyd will taunt you in the ring. He can destroy his opponents and has done so time and time again with so many weapons' in his arsenal. Floyd has or had incredible muscle memory. Once locked on to the other fighters weakness. Forget it Logan. Go home.

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I was an amateur boxer and sparring partner to pros. I could beat-up Logan Paul. Mayweather will toy with Logan Paul, who is less skilled than McGregor. It will be entertaining and a comeuppance for an incredibly annoying dolt. Boxing, its reputation remains intact and has nothing to do with Floyd's business endeavors. Ali fought Inoki. Foreman fought five opponents in an hour. Boxing was not and isn't diminished by spectacle outside its reaches.

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Mayweather has shifted to the entertainment business. Logan Paul, is a senseless creep who somehow makes a living from asinine antics on YouTube - a reflection of the superficial culture that frames much of online so-called social media. Mayweather has a perfect foil - a personality that annoys many and as such, hordes will be willing to pay cash to watch the YouTuber get beat-up by Floyd - that Logan Paul is an egomaniac self-promoter makes it even more profitable. The size difference creates the illusion Logan Paul has a chance to KO the 50-0 champ.

As for turning boxing into a joke, it has naught to do with professional boxing, it is entertainment. Considering various forms of so-called sport, from professional wrestling, which is cheapo drama starring a bevy of steroid freaks in a weird form of drag & latent homosexual undertones, to human cockfighting aka MMA, the stupefying array of distractions includes a litany of bogus acts posing as 'real' events with a very thin patina of authenticity - whatever Logan Paul and others are engaged in doesn't reflect on boxing. It's a circus event. Bring on the clowns.

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Mayweather has turned Boxing into a joke, & ruining his reputation to boot.

Seriously, how much money does he need !?

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