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rugby union

McCaw, Carter to be unleashed against Japan


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..and the idiots at the JRFU lacked the initiative to find a bigger ground than the rather small chichibu ground in Tokyo....they underpriced the tickets too and it sold out within hours of going on sale. Very clever promoters and marketers at work......

new zealand will thrash them by 50, it will be a hiding.

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the rather small chichibu ground

Really ? I had no idea it was being played there. Whats the capacity of Chichibunomiya stadium ? 25,000 ? Ridiculous really and rather pointless. And yes, it will be an smashing of embarrassing proportions. The only upside to holding it at Chichibunomiya stadium is that at least it will have proper sized in-goal areas, unlike the Olympic stadium where the All Blacks played the Wallabies a few years back.

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idiots at the JRFU

first two words redundant.

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Why would any one bother going to this game, simply hit Suji's Roppongi for Brunch then stroll up the road to Hobgoblins for a beer and catch the match on live TV. Then onto early dinner and party on.

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There will be delayed coverage on TV I hear. I think NZ will put way more than 50 on them. 75-12 is my prediction.

Indeed the Olympic stadium is not fit to host rugby matches. I hope they do something about that before the 2019 world cup is hosted.

Chichibunomiya is probably not such a bad choice considering it's Japan vs NZ. I went to the Australia game, but don't want to pay to watch Japan play them. How much were tickets?

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****Japan will score at least 20. New Zealand?????? 80 plus. will be a very open game and free flowing. Lots of tries and good spirits. Spectator candy. Good for the game in Japan.

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