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McGregor demolishes Cerrone in 40-second return to UFC octagon

By Steve Marcus

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Crappy camera work. The cameramen missed the beginning of the fight and they centered on the referee for half of the 40 second "fight". Meh.

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Stupid sport with arbitrary rules. If they are going to allow those shoulder strikers, and strikes behind the head, they may as well allow head butting. Very boring to watch as well, (or not watch for me from now on)

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This is an ugly sport.

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fixed fight!

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It's bloodsport and not long drawn-out

That's why it's appealing to the younger generations

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Romans would feel at home at 2020, since we still pit people like they did.

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only difference is that the men nowadays choose to be combatants

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He's already retired twice. The man is inherently untrustworthy.

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This inhuman sport should be immediately banned.

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What a lame fight, it was so one-sided that there was no fight at all!

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What a lame fight, it was so one-sided that there was no fight at all!

Neither the fighters nor any of the MMA commentators think it was one-sided. Cowboy has an extremely good record. McGregor got a few good shots in early and then quickly capitalized on that. This sort of thing has happened before. Google for Yamato kid and his flying 2-second first round KO.

The bad news is that we will now have suffer McGregors arrogant antiques for a much longer time. Even after the enormous money he got for the Mayweather thing, he won´t go away.

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