Mike Trout says he's 'an Angel for life' with $426.5 million contract


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Someone is worth whatever someone is willing to pay them.

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One million dollars for the Cadbury secret.

Still not enough...

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"I know there was a lot of talk about going back East, but I enjoy every minute being here," Trout said Sunday. "This is my home. I love it. I think the direction of the franchise, if it was going the other way, I would have had to consider going. But it never crossed my mind. I was going to be an Angel for life, sure."

Yeah, I'm sure the $426.5 million dollars had nothing to do with it!

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The deal includes no opt-out clauses to allow Trout to renegotiate because neither party wanted the options.

That's pretty impressive. 12 years though! Ppl change, get injured, lose their mojo etc.

Massive gamble imo (although am sure the Angels know what they're doing).

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RIP angels. Angels aren't the yankees or redsox. Monster contracts like these pretty much guaranteed Angles will be crap for next 12 years.

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In the U.S. a teacher makes around $59k a year (we entrust the education of our next generation and children to them). An emergency room doctor makes between $240K and $330K a year (we entrust our life to them).

A guy hitting a ball is going to make around $35 Million per year.

I am for free markets and capitalism (and I am a liberal) but it appears to me that the U.S. values have gone completely out of whack!

Bread and circuses and the Fall of Rome....all over again

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Many top players are opting not to test free agency. They would rather sign a reasonable extension. Can't blame them. After a couple hundred million or so, do you really need that extra 5 or ten? The guy is on a career trajectory which would put him comfortably among the 10 best of all time. He has no weaknesses but too bad he is stuck on a weak team. Can't dislike him at all and wish he were on my team.

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I stopped watching professional sports because the games/matches are all rigged -- painfully obviously rigged. The last baseball game I watched was a minors city-league game in my hometown in 2010.

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The Angels' farm system is improving so can see how Trout feels the team is on the right trajectory. But obviously he feels he has a good relationship with the fans and would rather not risk the stress of testing a market in 8 or 9 years perhaps without the same power and greatness he is blessed with now. Ichiro never enjoyed any franchise as much as the Mariners either, and they have never even been to the World Series.

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Trout actually took less money than he would have had as a free agent

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