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Milan fired up by the real Keisuke Honda


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he needs to do the same for japan

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It's great to see him in such fine form.

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alongside Juventus striker Carlos Tevez, who has also hit the net six times this season although his tally has included two penalties.

two undeserved penalties!

Honda is playing really well. He doesn’t often miss in front of goal”

Tell that to Jamaica!

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"he needs to do the same for japan" Yes, we all want to see him do fantastic things for Samurai-Blue! But football is a team game so single player performance depends a lot on the teammates, team work, coach, tactics, even change room and out of the field relations... And last but not least you need luck !

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"Yet apart from the rare glimpse of brilliance Honda endured a frustrating first four months with Milan as they went from bad to worse."

There you go. "A rare glimpse of brilliance" and "the real Honda" -- both statements indicative that he has not been doing well. But point that out and the finds of the self-entitled golden boy go nuts.

taiga: "he needs to do the same for japan"

Exactly what I said yesterday.

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both statements indicative that he has not been doing well

Smith, please read carefully. They are talking about last season. Honda himself said it was not a good season. He went on to say that if he played like that again this year, he should quit soccer. He routinely shows up for practice early and does sprints. He's putting a lot of pressure on himself this season to perform, and he has. If I have to choose between your opinions or Inzaghi (You do know who he is, right? One of the greatest Italian strikers ever?), I will choose Inzaghi's.

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What is it you have against Honda? He works hard and it looks like he is playing with Graves' disease or something the way his eyes bulge (He also recently had a scar on his neck from probably thyroid surgery).

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and it looks like he is playing with Graves' disease or something the way his eyes bulge

You reckon? I just thought he was frog eyed...... I have a job related to Nagoya grampus and I've known him since he was just a lad with big dreams....not the most social player out there and definitely not the best looking player....but without a doubt the most talented and hardest working player on the field.

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Get em Honda! F the naysayers.

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