Mixed messages as sports world backs U.S. protesters

By Rob Woollard

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It's only a mixed message to the people that run the leagues!

To the players and the world at large the message is one and the same! Racism in America is an outgoing epidemic that has yet to be cured!

The only vaccination available is education!

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Sports players were never on the field for the anthem until the DOD pushed for it in 2009. The purpose was clear: using athletes for war promotion same as Hitler did. Its sad how few athletes have the courage and patriotism to take a knee. Nonetheless, the few who do take a knee are a model for us all against corrupt police who take the knee of us all.

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What's conspicuously missing is the NFL!

Bring back the Kaep!

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I have no problem at all with fellow humans showing empathy.

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Will their attitude change when there are insufficient funds to pay their salaries because the stadium is empty and the only source of revenue is television? Will they take a reduction in salary and live like the commoners live, say 4000000 yen/year, because they love the sport? "You make the call!" (For those who don't know the expression, it not a phone call.)

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Noriyon, other than the few professional athletes in the world, most amateurs would be happy to make the Y4 million yen you mentioned. Why should they not be allowed to protest, it is everyone's right. If you don't like it, then don't watch!

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Nobody has a problem with protesting it's the rioting they have a problem with. All races in America have the exact same rights. Need specifics about the racism.

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Will their attitude change when there are insufficient funds

Its hard to believe you actually think that could happen over these simple protests. You might be wound a bit too tightly.

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All races in America have the exact same rights.

This is a convenient blanket for social status quo, i.e. the poorest can stay poor.

A modern society that wants to grow must change the paradigm from same rights to same chances.

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They charged an Asian cop as an conspirator in Floyd, death along with White officers, he should turn evidence against the other cops, for a lighter sentence, prison for a cop, is the worst punishment, being lock up by yourself 24 hours,prison surrounded by others, you help put in prison

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A modern society that wants to grow must change the paradigm from same rights to same chances.

How do you enforce this? By allowing only people to marry whose IQs, good looks, and salaries coupled when combined meets some kind of societal average? Sounds like some behaviorist-nonsense dystopian movie where kids are given the same bowl-cuts, grey clothes and are placed in concrete bunkers. Even then, their DNA will give them different chances in life.

Protect human rights and couple it with with reasonable taxation. If it isn't working, it's because it's not being done properly. Call me crazy, but I don't think cops with military hardware and poor people on food stamps is doing it "properly."

No reason to bring back Stalinism.

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Thats an individual choice.

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The athletes are taking a risk. The officials may punish them and no one will come and stick up for them. 30 years ago in Greece I protested an athlete who had illegally competed in South Africa (IAAF rules and UN moritorium). The organizers of the event did nothing but banned me in the future, neither the IAAF nor the UN did anything to help me. But I had peace of mind, Nelson Mandela was later released from prison and the Apartheid government in South Africa ended. It is unjust if the kneeling etc sport's men and women are punished but if racism is eventually defeated it will be worth it. Amandla.

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