MLB average salary exceeds $3.8 million


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I'd sure like to be "average".

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Obscene, but I don't blame the players for getting whatever they can. How much would Babe Ruth be making if he were playing in this era?

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amazing that somebody can get paid that much for being an entertainer, whos only real skill is throwing a ball or hitting one with a stick.

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whos only real skill is throwing a ball or hitting one with a stick.

But ya have to be among the best at it, since so many people could do it.

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whos only real skill is throwing a ball

Yeah, amazing, isn't it. Why don't you join them, if it's so simple?

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They're paid that much because that's what society, over the aggregate, has deemed their jobs to be worth. Millions of people spend billions of dollars to be entertained by professional sports, hence their salaries are commiserate.

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wow. I wouldn't mind playing baseball. I might give the Yankees a call. I wouldn't want to play for anyone else.

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They will not get me to pay to go to a game or buy their promotional items. How much is for a Japanese player though?

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"MLB’s wages are a stark contrast to the economy at large. The average U.S. wage rose 1.3% in 2013 to $43,041"

Gat dayum! The economy at large needs to get with the program, lol!

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That is just average C heck west cxoast team s Their average is a lot more. Some pay less. Not like football but the get injuries too. And they have to retire earlier than movie stars. They entertain us by their team plays.

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But ya have to be among the best at it, since so many people could do it. Astronauts are the best at what they do, they are by far smarter than your average ball player and do more for the betterment of mankind also, they man no where near what a ball player can make. pitty science isnt as cool as sporting stars.

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I played amateur ball for 20 years. We only played from April to September; 25 reg. season games tops + playoffs. Pros play grapefruit league, reg. season and playoffsl totalling over 190 games. If it's so easy, go ahead and do it. I love it when people who never played the game point fingers. Not too bright!

The owners pay the players. The players accept what the owners are willing to pay. Pretty simple!

If you got talent, go for it!

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Babe Ruth's highest salary was $80K. When asked how he felt about making more money than the President he replied "I had a better year."

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