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MLB launches investigation into Ohtani interpreter Mizuhara over gambling reports

By Ronald Blum

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The inability of the Ohtani camp to keep its story straight points to a serious credibility deficit. It bodes ill for a trajectory that once seemed assured.

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The payments came from Ohtani's bank account - that is not in dispute. So either Ohtani paid the debt on Mizuharas' behalf, or Mizuhara illegally gained access and transferred the money himself. It's difficult to believe would pay a $4m gambling debt on his behalf - that would be illegal. I suppose Miizuhara could have represented the debt as something else. Personally, I hope he just stole the money, and he goes to jail.

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Does Ohtani even have control over his finances? He seems like a nice naive kid who has no personality or discernible skills outside of baseball. He’s a good player. But he’s not going to be pitching into his late 40’s like Roger Clemins or playing shortstop like Derik Jeter. And $700 million for a pinch hitter is unbelievable. Hope the dodgers can make it up in merchandise and marketing sales.

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Ohtani is baseball's bigger star, an unprecedented two-way player who has excelled at the plate and on the mound. He was a two-time AL MVP with the Los Angeles Angels before leaving as a free agent to sign a record $700 million, 10-year contract with the Dodgers in December.

Unprecedented? Bull. Ronald Blum needs to go to Cooperstown, N.Y. and look for a the display honoring a larger than life figure named George Herman Ruth, commonly known as Babe Ruth. He has more pitching victories and better offensive stats in every category. Learn the history of the game instead of kissing up.

ESPN said Mizuhara told the outlet Tuesday that Ohtani had paid his gambling debts — which totaled well over $1 million — at Mizuhara’s request. After the statement from Ohtani’s attorneys saying the player was a victim of theft, ESPN says Mizuhara changed his story Wednesday and claimed Ohtani had no knowledge of the gambling debts and had not transferred any money to bookmakers.

Smells like a bumbled cover-up to me. Story changes but the bookmaker got his money? How did that happen? Mizuhara must have a printing press in his apartment.

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It's the biggest gambling scandal for baseball since Pete Rose 

I don’t think at this point that’s a fair comparison. There’s no evidence that Ohtani ever gambled. In fact , every person quoted on the matter says he didn’t.

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But he’s not going to be pitching into his late 40’s like Roger Clemins or playing shortstop like Derik Jeter.

How are you going to butcher names like that? lol Plus Clemens pitched to his mid-40s and was juiced up for like half of his career according to many reports.

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It appears his interpreter is taking the fall for this Ohtani, and I hope he is getting paid handsomely if so.

Again, I believe the surprise and under the radar marriage of Ohtani was to deflect from this scandal that he must have been keenly aware of.

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So either Ohtani paid the debt on Mizuharas' behalf, or Mizuhara illegally gained access and transferred the money himself.

Or, Ohtani is the gambler.

And Mizuhara did the bets for him (since Ohtani obviously couldn't make the bets himself in English with the US bookie, so he needed a translator to help)

And when word got out that Ohtani was transferring money to the bookie from his bank account (via the FBI investigation of the bookie, who probably told MLB and/or the Dodgers), Ohtani and Mizuhara agreed for Mizuhara to act the fall guy, since if Ohtani got busted, they would both be kicked out of baseball, so at least with Ohtani keeping the multi-million contract, he could continue to pay silence money to Mizuhara for the rest of his life.

So they concoct the story of Ohtani saying "I lent him the money" to which they realize how that is also illegal in other ways since Ohtani knows the money is being usedin an illegal transaction, so it makes him an accomplice, not to mention all the tax avoidance issues it also entails.

So the story switches to Mizuhara being a thief, (who somehow had access to Ohtani's bank account, yet Ohtani dalso somehow didn't notice 4 million bucks missing... yeah, sure)

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After getting married.

Wife: let me keep order on your financials instead of relying on your interpreter. You even let the guy buy grocery for you. Also stop staying in a hotel and find a house already.

a few days later…..

wife: why are your financials all over the place?! Who is even managing your accounts and doing all the bank paperworks?!

Othani: my best friend who i trusted for years to handle all things English related in the US. Is there something wrong?

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Taking the fall is called obstruction of justice Google Obstruction A federal Investigation

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

You lie in an federal investigation,you will feel the wheel of justice, American can invoke the 5th , something Othani should learn quickly

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Bad news for Ohtani.

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WesleyMar. 23  09:42 pm JST

I wonder if this investigation was initiated by anti-Japanese forces? Anything to tarnish Japan.

We already know many of the US lawmakers are in the ccp's pocketWesleyMar. 23  09:42 pm

We already know Charisma men love Japan and are led by the nose. America is WAY WAY WAY more transparent than Japan has ever been so I have no problem telling you that you need to stop. When your man takes that fall you can commit seppuku if you want but no one here there or anywhere will give a damn.

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Who doesn't miss Ichiro. But Ohani is probably in the clear for gambling charges. It's his interpreter who is in trouble. But imagine them both playing at the same time. That would be worth the price of a new car to see.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Gene Hennigh

Would love to see both playing together...

Ichiro..Never had Drama. Ichiro was the Best!

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Othani lies before a grand jury,he faces perjury and obstruction of justice charges

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This reeks of the Pete Rose scandal of 1990. And it's a shame.

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If Shohei OHTANI is called to testify before a grand jury, the proceedings will certainly be more exciting than watching yakyuu (baseball)...

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