MLB: No plans to alter schedule because of virus outbreak


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Damned if you do, damned if you dont. If one case of the virus is found to have come from going to a baseball game, MLB will change their tune!

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They may have no choice. Reported US cases have already overtaken Japan and look like they will continue to grow. Japan has already postponed NPB's opener, if things don't get under control in the US ASAP I think the same thing will probably happen with MLB.

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They remember 1994 all too well. That players strike nearly destroyed major league baseball. But that was a long time ago. Let's see how this plays out.

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"Japanese baseball officials said they were unsure when the season might start, but mentioned some time in April."

same question as on the other thread: what are they going to do when it's worse in April? and why the decided date? The MLB is smart to go on with the schedule as planned, knowing that if they take the proper precautions, all will likely be well, and probably thinking ahead and knowing things are going to get worse. I bet the Japan Baseball Federation is just angry the MLB didn't come out with this announcement a bit earlier so they could follow suit.

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The peak has yet to arrive in the US, with a degree of lag and variation across the continent. But MLB unlike its statement must have a Plan B for contingency. Overall Americans seem to have survived worse local outbreaks like season flu whose annual causality is always pretty large in size.

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The virus supposedly peaks 10 to 15 weeks after first appearing. Worst could be over by Golden Week in Japan.

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The show must go on...! $$$$$$$$$

I am not an alarmist, but for respect with the front line medics that will need to face the outbreak in the US, I believe a little restraint from this not vital entertainment business would make sense. The time we understand better how and if it can be contained.

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Gotta live your life

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