MLB, union commit $10 mil to increase Black participation


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Black men represent under 6.5% of the population and have 6.7% participation in MLB.

I thought baseball teams hired players based on ability, not by racial quotas.

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So now MLB is racist? MLB is 40 percent black, just happens that many are Latino. Should the NBA have a similar program to promote more white and Asian players? When was the last time there was a white cornerback in the NFL?

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Simply pointing out the fact that this is racist.

Apparently ability is less of a factor now.


Mlb is going down a very slippery slope.

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Just a way to put money in the association's pockets

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Basically, they just paid off the protest mafia.

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It seems that Hispanics are greatlly over-represented in MLB at both the player level and the managerial level. There are 5 Hispanic managers but only one Black. Needless to say, no Asians or Jews or Native people either.

No women either, come to think of it. No reason a woman can't do the job too.

Can't find statistics on how many are left handed, it may be a possible area for future grievance.

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This is starting to get stupid, seems to me there are plenty of black folks playing baseball, please let peoples abilities do the talking, if we are talking about getting baseball parks going in areas that dont have them thats great but this blurb is getting a bit out there!

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I guess hockey will be next since there are only 6 black Americans in the NHL.

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So right for the current moment of madness.  Time for the NBA to step up and do the same to increase White and Asian representation in basketball.  and the NHL the same for blacks and Asians.

Until we have exact replication of society wide racial mix in all sports and universities and professions and so on the world will never be truly free and equal.

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Hmm, I'd say my father got me into baseball. Buying baseball cards and playing catch. Probably two things not many black fathers are doing with their sons. Ah hell, how can I talk? I can't even play catch with my son in Japan or go to his soccer games. Not buy choice either. This post just hit a nerve.

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Blacks comprise 82% of NBA players. How about the NBA contribute to a similar fund to increase White participation?

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Blacks comprise 82% of NBA players. How about the NBA contribute to a similar fund to increase White participation?

White non-participation in the NBA is a result of meritocracy. MLB seems to think that black non-participation is a result of few societal opportunities for black people to play and excel at baseball.

Do you have an indication that white people face few societal opportunities to play basketball?

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