MLB won't interrupt season for Olympics


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Jesus the Olympics are only 2 weeks long. Start the season a week earlier and end it a week later.

It's not so much to sacrifice to get baseball back on the Olympic roster.

No wonder it was dropped. The American baseball commission is so inflexible and arrogant.

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Fine with me. I don't think professional athletes should compete in the Olympics anyway.

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It's not up to Bud Selig to make a decision. Selig is just a puppet for the owners. Selig works for the 30 owners of the MLB teams and he has to follow what they want and they don't care about the Olympics.

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“Do I wish I could? Yes,” he said. “But is it practical? No.”

Speed: It's not JUST about the timing, but the risk to the players to whom they pay big money. Even if injured after the season ended it can hamper their performance in the next.

On another note, not having so many pro-players from certain nations also puts the teams on much more equal footing, and while of course part of the attraction of sports is to see the big names, the teams being on a more level playing field can be more fun instead of the slaughter it might be otherwise.

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