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Mongolian Hakuho smashes sumo record with 1,048th win


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since Japan does not allow adults to hold dual citizenship.

No but it let's them have two passports!

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This is normal not to be able to have dual or triple...) nationality.

But noy being able to become oyakata is disgraceful. It is just a job which is not linked to Japan since you have also foreign rikishi...

Good luck to this amazing athlete !

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Congratulations to the foreign wrestler, although conservative sumo purists must be unhappy about the record. He is fortunate he is in sumo, not baseball where things similar to the Randy Bass incident happen regularly to foreigners about to break a Japanese record.

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Despite the prevalence of non-native rikishi, or wrestlers, the sumo association forbids foreign nationals from becoming sumo master, or oyakata - a title that successful wrestlers often seek after they retire.

Utterly disgusting, primitive, racist..........Japanese!.... When will this country ever learn, open its heart, soul, might learn a few things. After all being oyakata is not a political position or anything......

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Hoorah for Hakuho!

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Agree with others, non J rikishi should have the right to run stables after they retire. Bit like telling Zidane he can't coach Real Madrid unless he renounces his French citizenship. 

As fellow rikishi, J sumo elders should speak up and side with non J wrestlers.

Well done Hakuho one of the GOAT if not the GOAT. Reckon he would have made a decent prop or n8!

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I for one hope Hakuho holds out and refuses to take citizenship and still becomes a stable master when he retires.

Its going to be pretty embarrassing for the Sumo association, to have their winningest yokozuna NOT be a master all because of the citizenship issue.

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Scap - if anything anti foreign discrimination is way more prevalent in sumo than baseball. They at least let foreigners become managers in NPB and even the Randy Bass story is feeling dated now that a foreigner has broken Oh's record. There is no sumo equivalent to itching around a guy to prevent him from breaking a record at any rate, but they have lulled other more blatant shenanigans like what they did to Konishiki.

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