Mongolian sumo wrestlers defend Harumafuji over reported assault


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Well I don’t care if you are the son of god, if you think you are so important that if another person deserves a cracked spine and concussion for looking at their phone instead of talk about an inflated sense of self worth.

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Anyone who would hit someone over the head with a bottle in any case other than self-defense deserves jail time for attempted murder. That said, I wasn't there. If Hakuho was, and he says that's not what happened, I am ready to give Harumafuji the benefit of the doubt for the time being. There is still the concussion which needs explaining, though, so ... I await a full investigation.

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A fracture at the base of the skull and you are very lucky not to come away with brain damage, or even death. That is a serious, serious type of injury.

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I wouldn't jump to conclusions based solely on the media reports. Hakuho has stated that Harumafuji did NOT hit Takanoiwa with a beer bottle, that he broke the two of them up, that Takanoiwa apologized to Harumafiji and they shook hands, meeting each other for practice the next day. ONE- this account pretty much completely contradicts the media reports and TWO- would Hakuho risk his career and position by fabricating a story to the police investigators? There's no question that they (all of them including the witnesses) were drunk at the time. I will withhold judgement until the police complete their investigation.

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In the present case I feel it makes absolutely no difference whether he is Japanese or not. There were Japanese peope at the party, and this happened in Japan where Japanese law applies. The question you maybe should be asking is what would be happening to them if this was in Mongolia.

As in the past, when something similar to this happens between Japanese rikishi, there is always a HUGE stink that goes on for days and weeks.

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These drunken brawls between these big wrestlers have got to be a common thing, especially when you throw large amounts of booze and a rigid Alpha male hierarchy in the mix. The media screaming shock and bloody murder are just tabloids having a field day, especially the fact that a foreigner was involved  just pushes all the right buttons. Hats off to Asashoryu for standing up for his fellow countryman , shows character, brothership and resolve something that the haters will never get.

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Keep it in the club house, boys. Don't let the media decide guilt or innocence. Besides, sumo is a game, not a profession, a lesson the NFL and MLB are slowly learning. There is work and there is play. People play games.

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According to domestic media reports, Harumafuji was agitated by Takanoiwa checking his smartphone while they were interacting.

When people do that to me, my usual technique is to accidentally knock over a hot beverage on their groin.

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When people do that to me, my usual technique is to accidentally knock over a hot beverage on their groin.

How many times have you done that if it is your "usual technique".

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I really miss Asashoryu

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