Monterrey sets up semifinal clash with Chelsea; Al Ahly downs Sanfrecce


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Please, someone tell me if these games are broadcast on TV? So far I have not found anything...

Thank you.

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The game was a bit boring, but happy my fellow Mexicans got 3 to zero in the freezing cold! Ok! Ok! So the Mexican goal keeper let the Koreans get in 1 crappy goal at the end of the game, I bet that really excited the Koreans?? 3 to 1 in their own freezing cold part of Asia!

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Yes, on NTV.

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Hiroshima had ample opportunity to win that game,sorry coach the loss can be put down to choking not fatigue..

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I'm surprised there is no mention of the Japanese goalie having to leave the game after taking a knee to the face. It happened in the first 10 minutes of the game. I think his name was Nishikawa and he hadn't missed a game all season. So basically they brought in an untested backup goalie who hadn't played all season and he gave up 2 easy goals. Too bad for Hiroshima.

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If you watched the game kobayashi you'd know the goalie didn't cost them the game.

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NTV. thank you.... the only game really worth watching is, as almost every year, the final between the only two teams that actually play something deserving the name football, Europe - South America.

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