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More awards for Japanese star pitcher-batter Otani


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Good for him. I've followed his career since high school. So now the question is, when is he going to finally put on the big boy pants and play MLB? And don't give me any flak over the WBC. It's a joke.

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So he is throwing 165 (102MPH). There are several MLB teams who would be happy to give him a shot as a closer.

10-4 as a pitcher throwing 165 as well as hitting .322......Yeah I would vote for him as MVP as well!

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@reeldeal, WBC is sponsored and hosted by MLB, so the joke is either on MLB or us fans. Depends on if it makes money for MLB which it probably does.

Otani going to MLB will be a few years away. He was itching to move to America as a teenager, but now seems content as the big fish in the NPB pond. If other players start winning more then him, that's when he'll look overseas for a new challenge. NPB players generally do not go overseas under 25 years old with the seven years of service requirement, so it may be 3 more years for Otani at the earliest.

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@TorafusuTorasan Ummm, yeah, that was my whole point. He made a big deal after the Koshien of not wanting to stay in Japan, and then got low-jacked by wankers in NPB. It's time for him to put his mouth where the money is.

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Otani could be posted and if a MLB team is willing to put up the big posting fee, and agree to contract terms with Otani ,he could be going to the MLB much earlier than you think.

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The posting fee is nothing compared to what it was. Capped at $20 million.

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I don't think Otani would be the dual threat he is now if it hadn't been for the head coach of the Fighters. I hope he continues being a modern day young Babe Ruth even when he goes over to the states.

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