More Moyes misery as Man United held by Fulham


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Fulham getting a draw away. Things really are desperate for Moyes.

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76% ball possession with 18 shots on goal and just two goals (matched by Fulham) to show for it. And 82 crosses out of which only were 15 successful in finding a red-shirted player and of which none led to a goal? As if things couldn't get any worse, Moyes has turned United into a one dimensional one-trick-pony with his sole reliance on dumping crosses into the box.

Moyes out. Now.

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The manure fanboys are now in panic mode. No longer can they go to the pub or bar far away from old Trafford and revel in the glory and brag how well "we" are doing.

There is no entitlement to success, all teams have their ups and downs, this happens to all teams, this is what makes football more interesting for all including genuine supporters. Bet their fan base especially from far off lands falls dramatically thgis year.

" And Fulham is four points from safety" ? Are instead of is surely.

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Moyes is destroying MU with his unimaginative tactics and miserable demeanour. And yet a lot of the UK press still says he is the right choice but must be given time and money. i don't get it. i think he will never succeed.

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Someone said Rooney hasn't seen so many crosses since his English tests were returned to him at school. I think Jose's moan about West Ham playing 19th Century football after putting in a good, honest defensive display against a superior team is better applied to this kind of football. It's a bit worrying when Man U can't outplay the worst side in the league on the deck.

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If you're going to pump the ball into the box why not buy Andy Carroll at half the price of Mata?

If they go out against Olympiakos that could be it for Moyes.

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David Moyes would have been sacked already at ANY other big name club. The only reason he still has his job despite his deplorable job performance is because United are stubbornly sticking by him out of so-called principles that obviously exclude success (any sort of success really) on the pitch. There isn't a single thing (player transfers, coaching staff, tactics) that you can point to that Moyes has gotten right since being named as Fergie's successor last summer. Not one. I feel sorry for the man but the argument to "give him time" is indefensible. He is clearly out of his depth and time on the job isn't going to cure that. I used to disagree with how some other big name clubs fired their new managers after a single season (or even less sometimes) but I now see the merit in that practice and how it actually can be kinder and in the best interest of the fired manager's career. At least if he is fired after a short time other clubs/leagues can say that he wasn't given enough time and the fired manager can maintain his reputation, and most importantly, his potentiality as a successful manager. But what prospect does a prominent manager who has failed to produce tangible results at a big name club over several seasons (despite having absolutely everything at his disposal) have? What would David Moyes' future prospects be if he's allowed to flounder for several more seasons as United's manager before being replaced (an eventual certainty IMO because he still doesn't even show the slightest hint being aware of what he's doing wrong after eight losses and five inexcusable draws into the season)? At that point one wouldn't be able to say that he wasn't given enough time or the necessary resources and I would think that his chances of finding another high level managerial position would be a lot slimmer than if he were to be let go this May. The sooner he goes, the better it would be for Moyes and for United.

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I agree with everything you just wrote, but I have noticed you have a reluctance to blame the Glazers for any of this. How would the club be without the debt they have burdened on it? Could they have thrown enough money at Ronaldo to get him to stay? If not, given their playing style, they should have been looking at players like Hazard and Bale, not Young and Valencia. A better manager would get them in the top 4, but significantly better players are needed to beat the best in Europe, which should always be United"s target.

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@USNinjapan2; So you didn"t like other teams changing managers all the time unless it for the team that you are a far away fan from? This is the problem of the modern game, same as modern society. Instant glory, instant gratification etc. If Manure were losing every game and relegation is a prospect alarm bells would be ringing but after a few months? This is what is wrong with footy, splashing money on big time Charlies, swapping managers every five minutes amongst other things.

Looks like a few teams are taking on new tactics when playing the big boys. Fulham seem to be joining the ranks of West Ham and Crystal Palace in the way the approach these matches. Hopefully this will work as the premier league is a league of rich elite and then the rest.

Being a supporter is stick with your team through thick and thin, it's like life it has ups and downs and if people don't like that tough titty.

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'Being a supporter is stick with your team through thick and thin, it's like life it has ups and downs and if people don't like that tough titty.' That's very true but that doesn't mean you shouldn't demand improvement when your team is bollocks, particularly if they have huge resources.

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falseflagsteve, it was ups and downs back in the 70s and 80s. When a team like Forest could win the European Cup. Have you watched any football since then? Across European leagues, the top 6 teams are basically the same year to year. What's happening at United is very unusual.

Success is relative. There are basically four clubs that are way above anyone else in terms of generating money. They are Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern and Man U. To my knowledge, Man U are in danger of being the first of those to not qualify for the Champions League.

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`@Jimizo No team that can be in the premier league in mid table is bollocks. They have had a poor season compared to usual but they are in transition from a long term manager to a new one, this often happens in football. Anyone who cannot cope with their current favourite team not winning something for one season is not a supporter but a glory hunter.

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@Falsflagsteve I don't think sober Man U fans expected a title with Ferguson gone, an ageing squad and Chelsea and City under good management. However, the drop in standards has been outrageous. I've supported mid-table, title-winning and relegation-threatened Everton teams and have always been realistic in my expectations of a current team. Managers and players are employees of my club which is bigger and greater than any of them and if they are not up to scratch given the realities of the club's situation, they should go. No manager on earth could make this squad champions, but I'm sure there are some who could do a better job.

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It was a poor result and l must admit l am looking forward to Arsenal on wednesday with some trepidation .What does concern me is after Moyes has identified the problem of an aging squad why has he failed to do anything about it in the last two transfer windows .And in answer to those calling for the head of Moyes on a silver platter who would you replace him with and how would they do any better with the team he inherited ,like it or not we will just have to put up with a transitional period and hope and pray that it is not too long before things improve .

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`@Davestrousers If i hadn't watched any football i wouldn't be able to comment on current football. Nothing wrong with wanting footy more exciting than now. So what if it is unusual it's not unique and not so much out of the ordinary, i mean they are 7th not in the relegation zone FFS!

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