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Mori says he may not live to see 2020 Olympics


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It's a win-win. He lives and gets one last hurrah. However, if the games flop or there's a scandal or something goes wrong, well he takes the blame - alive or dead, what's the worst that could happen to him? Always go for the older dude, then he's the perfect scape goat. Have seen it far too often here. :-(

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Even prior to his election as prime minister, he had been described in the Japanese media as having "the heart of a flea and the brain of a shark."

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why do they keep appointing worn out has beens to positions of importance. its like "we want to move forward, but we should live in the past like as our traditions" its going to take a serious crisis like economic collapse before anything will change in this country

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I've heard of deadlines before but this is ridiculous

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If I hadn't seen this article, I wouldn't have known he was still alive.

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An aging former prime minister who predicts he might not live until 2020 was formally appointed head of the committee organizing Tokyo’s Olympic Games on Tuesday.


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While I don't approve of the choice by any means, I do of course hope he lives to see the Olympics, and then some.

Still, a whole lot of decisions about the Olympics seem to be that everything will be fine and dandy by 2020, when it really doesn't look as such, be it Mori's age or otherwise.

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This is a big job, Mr. Mori.

He is telling you he is not responsible for the Olympic success or failure. If he is not so sure about his health, he should have declined to take this job..

The thing like this would never happen in USA because the society is based on performance what you can produce or cannot produce (asset/liability).

Mr. Mori should give this job to someone else who can finish it.

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Another amakudari job. Who likes this guy, anyway? Just retire somewhere and leave us alone.

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He once picked up a rugby ball and has been dining out on it ever since. Great credentials.

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