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Nakajima puts Alonso's Toyota on provisional pole at Le Mans


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If I can find a live feed this weekend, it sounds as if it will be interesting. Not sure if this artificial expectation on Alonso to complete a triple-crown is realistic. Luck plays such a large part in these things.

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Yeah, Audi got really bored at winning this so many times in a row, with their extraordinarily good diesel engines. Time to let someone else have fun as well...

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Not to mention some of the more private entries...

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with their extraordinarily good diesel engines.

And it's about time to get rid of Diesel engines any way ..

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And it's about time to get rid of Diesel engines any way ..

You don't really know what you're talking about, do you know? The racing Diesel engines are proved much more ecological than their gasoline counterparts.

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Toyota has been unlucky in Le Men 24hrs race in the past by accidents and mechanical problem. I hope Toyota number 7 Kamui Kobayashi car will win the LMP1 class race this year.

Kamui Kobayashi is fastest driver in Toyota Gazoo team. His car No.7 deserves to win the race this year. I hope Toyota will support both car No.8 and No.7 equally.

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Gasoline engines give off more CO2, and diesel engines more NOx and particulates.

They are both bad for the environment and human health.

This is why we are running more hybrids, as a bridge towards alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cell or all-electric cars.

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Personally I would wish Kobayashi Kamui to beat Kazuki Nakajima, but this is just a personal prejudice based on observing their driving styles. Despite declarations of equal cars, which surely must be true, Toyota will be under pressure to give Alonso what he wants. At the last race Toyota issued team orders, so I can guess that they will wait until the last moment before making a hard-headed but heart-breaking decision on whether to ask one car to hold back.

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