Japanese MotoGP canceled due to COVID


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But the Olympics are ok? Only cash grab events are allowed people!! No sports just for fun are allowed!

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Not enough or not thick enough brown envelopes perhaps?

I would think this is less than 1000 people overall, not in a major city, and they do have their own planes… why not?

This is a sport many Japanese love and follow year after year, unlike 99% of Olympic sports you rarely hear about and definitely get on TV.

By October much more of the population will be vaccinated and people will be less worried.

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And the b.s. continues!

A couple of bike racers and few(er) spectators are a no-go.

But the Olympics have to commence!

What a joke!

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oh no. Does this mean F1 Japanese GP be cancelled as well??

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oh no. Does this mean F1 Japanese GP be cancelled as well??

Well , it doesn't bring as much pork to Dentsu and other LDP amakudari chums as Olympics so it might well be " protect the safety of Japanese people " as the bs artist Suga likes to say

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