Mourinho humiliated on Chelsea return as Man United lose 4-0


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Specialists in failure. But the players don't seem bothered. Most of them are only there for the money.

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And the home fans could not resist a cheeky dig at their former boss - chanting "you're not special anymore" to the self-proclaimed Special One.


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It's been over 12 hours since I watched this match and it's still painful for me to sit down...

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At least Okazaki scored during the weekend.

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Man U did spend some (a lot) money but they just have too many nonchalant-dilettantes in their squad.

Ibra may have been a free transfer he's probably on + £200,000/week, one of the laziest forward in the game. He is a very good striker in a team that plays for him and feeds him the ball. Pogba and Fellaini are not the guys for this, they are far too nonchalant/selfish. At PSG he had Verratti and Matudi working their a** off for him, Pogba and Fellaini are more about dabs, cool hairstyle and well rehearsed goal celebrations.

No hardworking, quality 6-8 in this team.

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"I feel that Man You need to spend a bit more money.."

I said another £200m the other day but it might need a bit more.

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I feel that Man You need to spend a bit more money..

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I went to bed at half time. I couldn't see Man U making a game of this and it seems I made the right choice.

Man U look lost. No leaders on the pitch.

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Not a bad weekend when 3 of the most arrogant ppl in world football (Mou, Ibra and Pogba) are given a good hiding. More please!

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