Murray closes in on Djokovic at top of tennis rankings; Nishikori ranked 4th


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Theres Djokovic & Murray then daylight to the rest

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Won't be too long before Raonic (#5) is at the top. (Along with Dimitrov, Steve Johnson and a few other young guns.)

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Ganbarre, Kei-san !

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Ganbarre, Kei-san ! yeah go Kei, it your year in 2017!! ........... hold on!?

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Of all the muscularly superior guys, only three, none from the enormously huge USA, rank above Kei-san. What an achievement, leaving little chance for the chronic disparagers to shrill about!

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Of all the muscularly superior guys, only three, none from the enormously huge USA tennis isnt just about size, you need a balance of height and speed, even Hewitt from Australia was small a build like Kei and he managed to win 2 majors. But if you look at Federer, Murry, Djokovic Nadal they all have a similar build, Kei being shorter has to use superior speed to make up the difference. The last small player to dominate tennis was Chang , so history is clearly against Kei. While he may possibly win a major or two, he'll never dominate tennis like Federer , Nadal, Djokovic.

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A desperate disparager can even scent faults out of non-existence. Who claimed Kei would dominate?

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Look, let me save people the trouble. Here's a template I just cooked up:

201{x} is going to be Nishikori's year.

But if you look at Federer, Murry, Djokovic Nadal they all have a similar build, Kei being shorter has to use superior speed to make up the difference

John Isner has won zilch when it comes to Grand Slams, reaching the QF only once. Hell he hasn't even won a Masters 1000 tournament and this guy is 6ft 10 (over 2m).

Murray has been doing well, but I wonder how he'd be doing if the big three were still playing their best. Federer's over the hill, Nadal is injured and Djokovic has lost motivation. And frankly, Nishikori isn't going to do anywhere near as well unless the really good players are out (which could happen or is happening).

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Who claimed Kei would dominate? who claimed Americans were enormously huge, plenty of other European countries with equally as large people. Tongans are the largest people in the world by body mass. Netherlands have the tallest average height people in the world, top ten tallest countries are predominately caucasian. So are we actaully talking about tennis or as you post suggest you may be suffering a little small man syndrome?

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vnexpresses: "Who claimed Kei would dominate?"

Really? A whole lot of people, a whole lot of times. From 2014 to this year every year was going to be "The Year of Nishikori", where he won a bunch of grandslams, etc.

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The only person I remember saying Kei would dominate was... smithinjapan... You can go back in the archives and find it in the post after Kei knocked Djokovic out of the US open that time. Suddenly, according to bandwagon fan smithinjapan, Kei was going to win it all, and many more in future years...

And now look at the stuff he writes! Such a bandwagon fan.

As for the comment that Federer Nadal Djokovic and Murray have similar body types, that's ridiculous. Besides being taller than Nishikori there ain't much the same.

Great season from Nishikori this year by the way. More match wins this year than he's scored in any other - best ranked man outside this years grand slam winners. Of course you wouldn't know it if you listened to wtfjapan and smithinjapan!

Their knives will be out for Nishikori again next time he loses, and if he wins it'll be because the opponent was crap or because he flukes it, just like when he beat Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray. What do you know! They'll be at it like clockwork. NIshikori wins? Time to deny. Nishikori loses? They predicted it all along. Tick tock!

These bandwagon folks don't even watch the matches!

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who claimed Americans were enormously huge

You should have brushed up on your English before critiquing against my post. FYI, "USA" is an abbreviation that stands for the United States of America, an enormously huge COUNTRY. On the other hand, "Americans" refer to the PEOPLE of the USA.

I referred to "the enormously huge USA" as the LAND that geographically and demographically dwarfs Japan, the LAND where Kei comes from. With any acumen at all, you would have been able to understand my words as an emphasis on the global scale of Kei's achievement: currently ranking 4 in the entire world! Instead, your semantic failure misled you toward an irrelevant stream of nonsensical blah blah blah.

Syndrome? I may be suffering from a syndrome of having difficulty standing those with too "small" eyes to read accurately, too small minds to think logically, and too SMALL hearts to comment equitably.

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Chronic disparagers is spot on. Still waiting for them to say who, besides smithinjapan, ever said Nushikori would dominate. The idea that someone (besides smithinjapan) said that seems to be a straw man they put up so they can knock Nishikori down!

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