Murray wins U.S. Open title in epic match


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One of the most beautiful things ever.

Sport is incredible.

Incredible scenes, incredible tennis, incredible brilliance.

We are blessed to have such brilliant people on our planet, giving us this much entertainment time and time again.


Britian seem to have taken over.

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What a way to win his first grand slam … well deserved.

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Well done, Andy! An absolutely fantastic display of tennis! And it almost brought a smile to Lendl's face!

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thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys....

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Wow! Would like to have seen that one live. Murray is on a roll. Djokovic sounds like a gentleman and sportsman with the comment he made. Nice to hear! No excuses. The other guy simply earned it.

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Well done Andy! :D

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Yah, way to go Scotland!

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Well done Andy!!

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Finally after being in four previous GS finals he finaly put his mental demons to rest, Physically he,s fine I thought at 2 sets all Joker would run away with it, but andy concentrated and didn,t get all frustrated as we all know he can.... I think a few things helped to win today ,beating federer for the gold at the recent summer olympics,and hiring recently appointed new coach Lendl ,who has been in Andy,s situatiuon before.. A good day for Scotland and GB And for the Murray,s....

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Fantastic job Andy.

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