Nadal, Djokovic slam Wimbledon ban on Russian players


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Boo hoo! Tell them all to actually come out and condemn Putin, but they won't do that because of their own fear of retribution, even taking into consideration that all the money they've earned hasn't gone back to Russia, it's sitting in Swiss and US bank accounts. Or the BVIs, or other tax-free jurisdictions. Yeah, boo freakin' hoo!!

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Surprise, surprise. Djokevic - who lives in a bubble and has been shown to be oblivious to the prevailing thought in the world - supports Russia. This guy is a creep.

Denounce the fascist Russian government and their disgusting invasion of sovereign Ukraine, and only then perhaps Russian players and puppet-state Belarus players can be considered to compete

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Gambare Nippon:

That's one way of giving your players more chances of winning. The last figure skating competition was an example. All sorts of skaters which nobody had heard of made their way to the podium. Anyway, I sense some anger from you after your player lost her match yesterday.

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“We are against the government, not the people!”

has just very quickly evolved into “McCarthyism is awesome, down with the people!”

Glad to see some athletes willing to speak up for their fellow competitors.

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Surprise, surprise... Djokovic is from Serbia, his country is also sovereign and his country was bombarded by NATO in 1999. NATO was destroying homes, hospitals, schools... doing the exact same thing as Russians now. But I guess you never heard of it because no one told you right?

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So, grand slam there then, but no mention of any special operation or 'war' happening anywhere, Novak?

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