Nadal, Medvedev to meet in Australian Open final


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Well done, Medvedev! A Nadal/Medvedev final is a very interesting one, for sure - glad we ended up with a nice match up like this.

The more I watch Tsitsipas, the less I like him. He always seems like a nice guy during interviews, but the constant coaching, the bathroom break issue, and the bad attitude he shows when things aren't going his way (see: his whiny half-handshake at the end of last night's match), makes me less and less of a fan. I get the sense that a lot of the other top players feel the same way too, although that's just speculation.

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The abuse directed toward the chair umpire by Medvedev was an absolute disgrace. Tennis has gone backwards in terms of player behaviour, since the punishment for players like Medvedev is almost nothing. Tsitsipas' dropkick father giving coaching is NO excuse to abuse officials.

Vamos Rafa! All class. May the fairytale continue! Get that 21st Major!!

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This article just reminded me why I dislike Tsitsipas. I wonder what Serena Williams thinks of all this.

While Medvedev seems like a nice guy, I'd love to see Rafa win, not only because I'm a fan, but just to see him get one over that lying joker.

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Wishing Rafa Nadal, Daniil Medvedev, and their fans an exciting summit clash at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

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