Nadal, Wawrinka, Nishikori crash out in Cincinnati Masters


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Nishikori is out too. All these guys who played in the Olympics will be better off for the rest before the US Open.

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all the big guns are out. Time to shine.

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Murray is still in, but he's probably feeling like some more rest too. I think someone like Raonic or Berdych perhaps that skipped Rio may win this one.

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I still can't believe how common it is for athletes to participate in events after events. These guys just came from the Olympics.

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If anyone just looked at the full ATP schedule you can see just how many tournaments there are throughout the year and how busy these tennis players are.

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Two set point chances for Nishikori in the first but couldn't convert and lost in a tiebreak. Another three set point chances for Nishikori in the second set but again couldn't get it done and lost in a tiebreak. He'll need to rest up and get ready for the best of five set US Open.

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This is insane just after the Olympics. They ought to be resting for the US Open, which is just around the corner.

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If it's the "tired from Rio" excuse, why is it Murray and others who participated are still in? Murray, who won the gold, is still in the game, no?

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Nishikori's annual income is no more than $2.5M so may be he needs to work hard (!)

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The "young guns" are beginning to make their move. Kudos to them !

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If it's the "tired from Rio" excuse, why is it Murray and others who participated are still in?

There's participation and then there's participation.

25% of the best-four at the Olympics are alive in Cincinnati. Steve Johnson is the only "other" Olympic quarter finalist still alive here, and he didn't have to play the final two singles matches that the best four did.

Being tired from all the tennis and travel doesn't guarantee you'll lose, but it sure doesn't help one to win.

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som14some, Nishikori made around 30 million dollars last year according to Forbes, so I don't think you need to worry about his earnings.

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