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Nadeshiko Japan beats Australia for 3rd straight win in Olympic qualifiers


Nadeshiko Japan edged Australia 1-0 on Monday for its third straight victory in their Olympic soccer qualifiers.

Japan created many scoring chances in the first half but was unable to capitalize on them and the teams went into the break at 0-0. In the 17th minute of the second half, Japan finally got on the board when forward Nahomi Kawasumi took a pass from Yuki Nagasato and fired it past the Australian goalkeeper.

Six teams are vying for two berths at next year’s London Olympics through a round-robin competing system. Japan is in top place with 9 points. It needs only one more victory against either North Korea or China to qualify.

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I hope Nabisco Japan wins too. Good crackers.

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The spirit of Japanese women is something not many people understand. I do and they just amazes me time & again. Note I'm not just talking about football.

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Noripinhead: Agreed, good crackers indeed. Wish they still sold Triscuits here, though.

Good on the women, and I'm sure they'll do well at the Olympics. They seem to have fully comeback from their rather poor performance in the first half of their game against Thailand. I just wish their name would be changed -- 'Nadeshiko' is so degrading, especially when the men's team are dubbed either Samurai or the name of their coach.

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Japinese soccer moms rule!

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