Naomi Osaka changes coach for second time this year

By Michael Reaves

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She killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

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Her main problem is not her coach but herself. She has not been able to coop with her star status and already believes she knows best. She does indeed need a better coach than the one just fired but more than anything she needs a good manager who teaches her how to talk and present herself. And a good psychologist.

In the past 9 months she has been more concerned with her hair and looks than her tennis. She does not have the grinta anymore, no more hunger to win, she is playing the public more than her opponent. That is 10 years to early. She needs to stop flirting with camera ‘s and trying to be “cute” and listen to her team, providing she hires the right experts and not “ yes” men and women.

She has little time left to find herself and she actually worries me.

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2026 Wimbledon: Osaka loses in the semi-finals.

JT community: She shouldn't have fired her coach in February '19!!!

Back on planet earth, I'm glad to see that once again she has demonstrated herself as an assertive player who knows when it's time to cut ties with someone who things aren't working with. Jenkins didn't work out - that was obvious to everyone watching. Bajin worked for a while, but not ultimately. Now it's time to see if Osaka can identify the kind of person who suits her needs the best. That's a skill all on its own.

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Agree with the above posters, but I'll add that I've always thought Osaka to be a flash in the pan.

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She got lucky and beat someone almost twice her age a year ago. A true champion has it in their genes -- not her. For the rest of her career Osaka will be a second-tier player. But the good news is that Japan Inc. doesn't have anybody else remotely capable to sponsor, so Osaka will still see some yen thrown her way. Of course, all that past talk about whether she is Japanese or American by the media is now totally forgotten...

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Never her fault, always someone else's. Starting to lose respect for her with the attitude. She knows full well she should never have split with her old coach. Or maybe she doesn't... and so she keeps screwing up.

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The flakiest sports athlete out there.

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21 years old, it is a tough call, I was still studying at college hardy travelled.....

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She needa to fix herself first before changing coaches

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Naomi's young, graceful and talented. In a bit of slump? Perhaps. Out of it completely? Not by a long shot.

You go, girl!

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I still maintain my previous remark that if Naomi Osaka would like to win more grand slams in her career, she should approach to Sascha Bajin and ask him to be her coach again.

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