NBA confidently resumes global games after pandemic hiatus


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Great for NBA to have finally moved on, while in Japan, they need to be tested before taking their flight...

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I am a Laker fan ,

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@Larry: Another tough year for you then...unless they get the Westbrook/Irving trade done somehow.

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"Pre-season contests are set for Japan and Abu Dhabi..."

Why Japan? They won't even let the foreign players in out of fear... of... you know.... Covid... and possibly only half of Hachimura.

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I assume you are being sarcastic @smith. There's this thing called Rakuten who just happen to own all the TV rights here. Steph Curry should be a big enough draw...

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Resident,the Lakers got baby Shaq and baby Pippen,from NBA pedigree and add baby James

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Yrall....whatever you say mate. Unless they ditch Westbrook, they are not winning it this year.

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Been trying to buy Warriors vs Wizards tickets via Rakuten for months. What a nightmare thats been. Still haven't been able to get anything. Not surprised though considering Rakuten is responsible. What a dumpster fire that company is in terms of computer programming. Absolute mess.

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