NBA decides to remain silent for rest of China trip


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Should be interesting what media policy will be like with next year's international games.

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Everyone can have an opinion, but that doesn't make them expert enough to share with any authority to the world.

Since the first Olympics, adult sports has always been tied to politics. That's the way of the world.

I bet the Rockets aren't interested in my analysis of their games any more than I'm interested in their politics. It would be funny if all the players just said, "I'm wishing for world peace" like teen beauty pageant contestants often do.

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NBA's business with China is worth $8 billion dollars.Nike's business with them is $36 billion dollars. It's clear to see who told the players to shut up and dribble. Everyone/enterprise has a boss. China's Nike's.Nike's the NBA's and the NBA's the players. But the silence has exposed the NBA and the players getting money from China as just money-grubbers.

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So it has now officially been revealed: the National Basketball Association DOES NOT HAVE ANY BALLS.

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Watching heads spin as the fakeness and hypocrisy unfolds is supremely delicious.

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Wallace Fred: "Watching heads spin as the fakeness and hypocrisy unfolds is supremely delicious."

Watching America bow down yet again to China is "delicious" to you? Well, I guess you already let them control your media and your president, so why not?

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Even if the NBA doesn't scuttle it, China would have scuttled the media events anyway

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